Pronóstico Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Lakers - NBA

Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Lakers-2017/01/11

Victoria Simple


Handicap Asiático (+/2,0)

Handicap +2.030%

Handicap +5.070%

Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Lakers en directo

Recomendación victoria simple 69.3 % para Los Angeles Lakers

Recomendación handicap asiatico 70 % para Los Angeles Lakers con un handicap de +5.0

  • Noticias Portland Trail Blazers

    • ESPN: McCollum Among the NBA's Best in Clutch Situations

      It's a constant debate: 'Who is the most clutch player in the NBA?"

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    • Lillard Calls Into Radio Show To Refute Broussard

      Over the weekend during a discussion of Indiana forward Paul George, Fox Sports NBA analyst Chris Broussard warned the Fresno State produ

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    • 2017 NBA Mock Draft Roundup: Post Lottery Edition

      The 2017 NBA Draft Lottery was held Tuesday at league headquarters in Secaucus, NJ, which resulted in the Boston Celtics winning the No.

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    • VIDEO: Olshey Discusses Draft, Trade Options At Combine

      While the NBA Playoffs, lackluster as they have been so far, draw most of the headlines this time of year, the teams not still participat

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  • Noticias Los Angeles Lakers

    • Lakers Draft Workouts: May 29, 2017

      The Lakers will host six more players at predraft workouts on Monday.

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    • Lakers contratan a Gunnar Peterson como Director de Entrenamiento de Fuerza y Resistencia

      La franquicia continúa reforzando su equipo de trabajo.

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    • Lakers Announce Hiring of Gunnar Peterson as the Director of Strength and Endurance Training

      The Los Angeles Lakers announced today the hiring of Gunnar Peterson as Director of Strength and Endurance Training.

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    • Pruebas del Draft 2017: 5/23

      Lakers buscan nuevas gemas.

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    • Lakers Draft Workouts: May 23, 2017

      Kadeem Allen, Jamel Artis, Sidy Djitte, J.J. Frazier, Josh Hawkinson and L.J. Peak will work out for the Lakers ahead of the 2017 Draft.

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    • 2017 Draft Workouts: May 22, 2017

      The Lakers worked out V.J. Beachem, Andrew White, Nigel Williams-Goss, Thomas Bryant, Kyle Kuzma and Dominique Hawkins during Monday's session.

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    • Pruebas del Draft 2017: 5/22

      Lakers buscan nuevas gemas.

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    • Camp Lakers Scholarship

      Regularly ranked as one of America’s top 5 hospitals, UCLA Health provides the best healthcare to the people of Los Angeles and throughou

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    • Lakercrónicas: lo que la fortuna nos dejó

      Lakers retienen su selección Top 3.

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    • Popcorn Machine: Lakers Receive Second-Overall Pick

      The Lakers' front office prepares to get to work after receiving the No. 2 pick on lottery night.

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